Panzer Kids Basic in Final Development

Feb. 15, 2016 – We’re in the final development stages of bringing our kid-friendly tank battles rules to publication. Panzer Kids Basic edition will be about 16 pages, include all the rules for beginning wargamers to play out simple World War II tank skirmishes, and have eight stat cards for some of the more popular tanks in the war. Panzer Kids Basic will release soon as a pay-what-you-want title at the Griffon Publishing Studio e-storefront at Wargame Vault.

Once Panzer Kids Basic releases we’ll continue work finalizing the Panzer Kids Deluxe rules, with plenty of optional add-on rules for greater depth of play: minefields, wrecks, incremental damage, stats for more tanks, anti-tank artillery, hull-mounted guns, and more. Stay tuned into the Griffon Publishing Studio website for more developments on both games.