Schweig Releases Panzer Kids Basic

Feb. 19, 2016 – Griffon Publishing Studio is proud to announce the release of Panzer Kids Basic: Easy Wargame Rules for Quick Tank Battles as a pay-what-you-want PDF download through Wargame Vault. The download includes the 16-page booklet with rules, tips, and tank stat cards as well as two full-page extras with all eight tank cards on one sheet and a turn summary reference sheet.

I’ve been developing and testing these rules for years,” said designer Peter Schweighofer. “I’m glad to send the finished product into the hands of gamers young and old.” He’ll turn his attention to final development on Panzer Kids Deluxe, which builds on the basic rules by adding a host of optional rules to enhance the game and additional historically based tank stats. “And maybe a few historical scenarios,” Schweighofer added.

Schweighofer is a veteran roleplaying game designer who worked on West End Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game, developed his own setting sourcebooks like Pulp Egypt and Heroes of Rura-Tonga, and contributed to numerous other roleplaying game projects. He’s also created other wargame products including Operation Drumbeat and the kid-friendly Valley of the Ape.