Kid-Hosted Panzer Kids at Historicon

The gamemaster, center, in blue-and-yellow
tie-dyed shirt, oversees the initial moves.
July 21, 2017 – We were delighted to find someone was hosting a game of Panzer Kids at this year’s Historicon miniature wargaming convention July 13-16 in Fredericksburg, VA. What was even more surprising was discovering a 10 year-old kid was running it! His father explained during set-up that his son wanted to run a game for kids at Historicon and searched the web for an appropriate game...he found and liked Panzer Kids. With his wargamer father’s support – and his gaming supplies – he planned a basic scenario for eight kids, created one-sheet rules summaries with individual tank stats, and set up a challenging table for the skirmish. The terrain consisted of dunes, oases, and several buildings spread across the table, enough so participants could easily find cover for their tanks with some open ground between terrain features.

German players continue their advance.
He had his work cut out for him with a table of eight excited kids (and a few parents offering tactical advice). Participants each took command of two 28mm scale tanks on the table, with eight tanks each for the Germans and Americans. Each side advanced using terrain features for cover and picking off enemy tanks. Those caught in the open usually took the most fire. Some folks even drove their tanks through courtyard walls to get to the enemy or outflank other tanks. After players lost both tanks they were allowed to return one to their table edge to rejoin the battle so everyone remained engaged. Although interest understandably waxed and waned slightly, participants kept at it for the full two hours to complete an exciting, successful game. Kids went home with a copy of the rulebook and some Panzer Kids dice. Everyone walked away looking happy.

Many thanks to this intrepid young gamer, his patient younger brother, and his supportive father for hosting a fantastic Panzer Kids game. Hopefully this positive experience encouraged a few more kids to pursue the miniature wargaming hobby.

Note: Are you running a Panzer Kids game at a library, convention, game store, local game day, or other event? Let us know by sending an e-mail with “Panzer Kids Event Support” in the subject line. Provide details of the event – date, time, place, etc. – and we’ll do our best to cross-promote it. We can also try sending along some giveaways to help encourage newcomers and children to explore the adventure gaming hobby through Panzer Kids.