NOVAG Game Day Success

Jan. 30, 2018 – Sunday Schweig trekked up to Northern Virginia for the NOVAG Game Day at the Centreville Regional Library. He hosted an afternoon of Panzer Kids games for an enthusiastic crowd of six players.

Smoke rose from a burning North African town in the center of the battlefield, with oases and some rock formations around the far edges. The Allied players could start with two Grant tanks or two Shermans each, while the Germans could choose from two Panzer IIIs or Panzer IVs each or a single Tiger tank. The objective: move into the town and eliminate the enemy tanks. The very basic situation helped players learn the rules of moving, taking cover, and shooting, sighting targets in range and line of sight. After the Allies trounced the Germans (who conceded knowing it was only a matter of time before the Allies took out the lonely Tiger tank), players chose new tanks, learned a few new optional rules to enhance their strategies, and rolled into the town again. This time the Germans carefully took out the Allies using buildings for cover and outflanking enemy tanks to take shots from behind (though two Grant tanks stumbled through a minefield, causing several explosions, and ultimately weakening the tanks).

Everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks to NOVAG member generosity every kid went home with a copy of Wargames Illustrated and some won the raffle to choose books or miniatures from the prize table. The NOVAG game day featured eight different miniature wargames in the library’s event room, with enthusiastic crowds of players, many onlookers, and an afternoon of fun for everyone.