Greydeep Marches in Final Layout

A few sample pages from The Greydeep Marches
April 26, 2018 – We’ve been working on the final stages of The Greydeep Marches, a system-neutral, OSR-suitable setting sourcebook for fantasy roleplaying adventures. With layout nearing completion the book looks to come in at around 34 pages of content (give or take a page), including a general gazetteer, notes on local authorities, factions, conspiracies, and rumors, the obligatory sample tavern, a two-page map, encounter tables for different regions in the Marches, and three short scenarios. The Greydeep Marches sit at the far-eastern edge of an established kingdom, a recently settled backwater. Long ago a vast and wicked empire occupied the region; vestiges of its power still lurk in dark forests, forlorn ruins, and subterranean labyrinths...all ripe for exploration and adventuring. The sometimes arbitrary authority of the patrolling Sentinel Knights and various forces seeking to exert their power lend a layer of intrigue for those wishing to pursue such plots.

Some of the original art pieces for the book.
The setting flowed from some initial brainstorming that first appeared in one of Schweig’s Hobby Games Recce pieces – “The Importance of the Setting Bible” – with development inspired and influenced by various concepts. Schweig also wanted to publish a supplement useful to those playing the latest iteration of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and its derivatives, particularly those produced in the spirit of the Old School Renaissance (OSR). The medieval fantasy setting enabled Schweig to return to the kind of material he enjoyed in his earliest explorations of the adventure gaming hobby in his youth, with a good dose of insight from more than 25 years writing, editing, and publishing gaming products. “I wanted to have some fun creating a setting rich with adventure potential,” Schweig said. “I’d like to think The Greydeep Marches contains some solid inspiration and ideas gamemasters can use to launch their own campaigns.” Of course Schweig invites gamemasters to mine the supplement for ideas to incorporate into their own games outside of the presented setting.

We’re still waiting on some last-minute artwork, the cover design, final proofreading, and other fiddly bits. We’re evaluating the ever-controversial price for the PDF and eventual print-on-demand. If all goes well The Greydeep Marches will release sometime in May. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and release information.