Free Greydeep Marches Wordfill

May 30, 2018 – To celebrate the release of The Greydeep Marches my friend S. John Ross crafted a wordfill puzzle based on the names used in my system-neutral, medieval fantasy setting; a puzzle that’s not quite as daunting as a crossword yet still pleasantly challenging. It’s also a wickedly tempting teaser highlighting many names from The Greydeep Marches with none of the explanation. You can download the puzzle for free at his Rolltop Indigo blog. While you’re there please take a moment to check out S. John’s other insightful missives on map-making, cooking, gaming memories, and game writing (to name only a few topics). I’m particularly fond of his “RPG Lexicon” entries, which challenge gamers to examine how we evaluate and discuss roleplaying games. Spend some time wandering around the blog and you’ll find a host of entertaining game-related goodies. Many thanks, S. John. Share and enjoy!