Schweig Releases The Greydeep Marches

May 24, 2018 – Griffon Publishing Studios officially released Peter Schweighofer’s medieval fantasy setting The Greydeep Marches. The 34-page supplement uses the system-neutral Any-OSR Key to describe character and creature stats, enabling gamemasters to easily port them to their favorite fantasy roleplaying game systems, including those inspired by the Old School Renaissance (OSR). The Greydeep Marches PDF is available to purchase at DriveThruRPG for $6.99. A print-on-demand option is in the works and should be available soon. The supplement contains a map of the Greydeep Marches; an outline of its major features; list of rumors; description of the Sentinel Knights; four new monsters; the Hammer & Tun, a tavern serving as a base of operations for adventurers; encounter tables for different regions within the Marches; three short adventures; and the Any-OSR Key, a system to easily convert stats in this supplement to one’s favorite OSR-style fantasy roleplaying game.

Schweig recently discussed the tone for The Greydeep Marches in a blog post at Hobby Games Recce: “‘Vanilla’ Ready for Toppings.” “As I offer it to the very public, world-wide audience of gamers I can only hope it doesn’t seem too bland to satisfy them, that they find within it some of the subtle toppings they can carefully sprinkle into their own explorations of the setting,” he said. “It might seem vanilla on top, but I invite readers to dig deeper and mix the ingredients I’ve offered to suit their gaming tastes.”