Welcome to Griffon Publishing Studio.

Veteran game designer, writer, and editor Peter Schweighofer founded Griffon Publishing Studio as a platform to publish his own sourcebooks and games for adventure gaming enthusiasts, including roleplaying sourcebooks like Pulp Egypt and Heroes of Rura-Tonga as well as other projects like the solo wargame Operation Drumbeat and the children’s tabletop adventure game rules Valley of the Ape.

Known for writing and editing numerous Star Wars roleplaying game products for West End Games, he has spent more than 20 years designing, writing, editing, and publishing rolelplaying game materials. He writes weekly about issues in adventure gaming at Hobby Games Recce. Explore this site and check out About Schweig for more information about his professional writing and game design endeavors.

Panzer Kids Event Support

Are you running a Panzer Kids event at a convention or game day? Let us know by sending an e-mail with “Panzer Kids Event Support” in the subject line. Provide details of the event – date, time, place, etc. – and we’ll do our best to cross-promote it. We can also try sending along some giveaways to help encourage newcomers and children to explore the adventure gaming hobby through Panzer Kids.

Schweig Running Panzer Kids at NOVAG Game Day Jan. 28

Jan. 17, 2018 – Schweig is running an afternoon of Panzer Kids games at the Centreville Regional Library in Northern Virginia on Sunday, Jan. 28, from 1 to 5 p.m. The free event is part of the Northern Virginia Gamers (NOVAG) game day, which will also feature eight other miniature wargames players can join. The Centreville Library is located at 14200 St. Germaine Rd., Centreville, VA, 20121 (the corner of Machen Road and St. Germain Drive) near where I-66 meets Route 29.

Schweig’s bringing his compliment of miniatures and desert terrain so players can experience tank skirmishes between Rommel and Montgomery’s forces in World War II. Axis and Allied tanks vie for control of a North African town; each player starts with two tanks to maneuver and shoot with, learning the quick rules so they can start playing with a minimum of fuss. The Panzer Kids games start using the basic rules (available free from Schweig’s Wargame Vault e-storefront); once a game finishes new players can join to try their hand at tank command or veteran players can put their experience to use employing more advanced wargaming concepts.

Players of all ages are welcome, including kids and gaming newcomers as well as seasoned wargamers. Drop in for a quick demo, join an advanced game later, or stay all afternoon!

HAWKS Run Panzer Kids with Alzheimer’s Patients

Sept. 14, 2017 – Members of the HAWKS (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers), a wargaming club from Maryland, recently ran a session of Panzer Kids with Alzheimer’s patients in nearby Pennsylvania. Ed Duffy and Sam Fuson prepared a game specifically to engage the participants in problem solving and decision making, promote motor functions moving tanks and rolling dice, offer an interesting visual display, and give them a chance to try something new.

The HAWKS’ community service doesn’t just stop there; each year they arrange an “Armies for Kids Giveaway” game at Historicon where each young participant gets two full armies to take home, along with battlefield terrain, rulers dice, and rules to encourage their interests in miniature wargaming. The HAWKS also run an annual game day (which recently evolved into two days), Barrage, happening Jan. 19-20, 2018, with games for experienced wargaming grognards as well as newcomers and kids.

We don’t usually think of introducing adventure gaming to the older demographic, but the same strategy of distilling games to basic elements for kids also works when using games to engage the elderly...though still with some adjustments for the specific audience’s needs. Many thanks to Ed, Sam, and the HAWKS for taking the initiative to serve this community through play.