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Veteran game designer, writer, and editor Peter Schweighofer founded Griffon Publishing Studio as a platform to publish his own sourcebooks and games for adventure gaming enthusiasts, including roleplaying sourcebooks like Pulp Egypt and Heroes of Rura-Tonga as well as other projects like the solo wargame Operation Drumbeat and the children’s tabletop adventure game rules Valley of the Ape.

Known for writing and editing numerous Star Wars roleplaying game products for West End Games, he has spent more than 20 years designing, writing, editing, and publishing rolelplaying game materials. He writes weekly about issues in adventure gaming at Hobby Games Recce. Explore this site and check out About Schweig for more information about his professional writing and game design endeavors.

Panzer Kids Event Support

Are you running a Panzer Kids event at a convention or game day? Let us know by sending an e-mail with “Panzer Kids Event Support” in the subject line. Provide details of the event – date, time, place, etc. – and we’ll do our best to cross-promote it. We can also try sending along some giveaways to help encourage newcomers and children to explore the adventure gaming hobby through Panzer Kids.

Call to Arms After Action Report

Oct. 15, 2018 – We spent the weekend at the Call to Arms gaming convention in Williamsburg, VA, running some Panzer Kids games and catching up with good friends. The crowd was slim, though Hurricane Michael blowing through earlier that week might have had something to do with that. But we attracted several players for Saturday morning’s introductory desert skirmish game and the “Charge at Tel el Aqqaqir” scenario that afternoon.

British Shermans maneuver around a
Tunisian village and a burning German tank.
Although designed to teach the Panzer Kids rule, our morning session attracted two seasoned gamers – and old friends from the Williamsburg conventions – who moved their tank squads into the central Tunisian village. The German player used the Tiger and two Panzer IIIs while the British player used two M3 Grants and two M4 Shermans. With two experienced gronards we put a few optional rules to the test, including “Wrecks,” “Flanking Shots,” “Close Range,” and “Damage Effects” which added depth to each game and moved the action along nicely, despite layering extra rules. We had plenty of time to run two games, one barely won by the British, the second barely by the Tiger. Both games were down to the wire, with plenty of uncertainty which player would triumph.

The German defensive line at Tel el Aqqaqir.
Our two friends returned in the afternoon to run the German defensive line in “Charge at Tel el Aqqaqair while a father and his two sons (who’d played in our Panzer Kids games at previous conventions) ran the British charging across the open desert. The British split their forces, with one headstrong commander taking his four Shermans down one flank, with three A15 Crusaders screening the four Grants moving up the other flank. The German 88s got off a few shots and took out two Shermans early on, but that only provided cover for the other two, who managed – beyond all expectations – to hang on and pick off the Germans from the cover of their burning tanks. The Crusaders also took some losses when they met a sortie from a host of German tanks moving into close range, but the Grant moved out and finished off the German defensive line. Although the Germans could have used another 88mm anti-tank gun (note for future games...), they put up a steady fight to the last tank. Everyone seemed to have fun, especially the kids whose tanks seemed to survive despite the odds.

British Shermans use burning tanks for
cover while flanking the German line.
Each year the Old Dominion Military Society (ODMS) hosts several friendly, regional wargaming conventions; programming includes miniature wargames for experienced grognards and beginners, a variety of dealers, and a board game room complete with lending library run by the Tidewater Area Gaming Society (TAGS). We’re hoping to return to Williamsburg Feb. 15-17 for the club’s Williamsburg Muster wargame convention. We’ve already got another scenario in mind, though we might also develop a kids game using stripped-down Wings of Glory rules for a Pearl Harbor scenario. Many thanks to the ODMS club members for hosting Call to Arms.

OSR News and Reviews Features Greydeep Marches

June 15, 2018 – The OSR News and Reviews blog recently featured a look at The Greydeep Marches. The post offers a solid overview and some tantalizing tidbits revealing the various elements inspiring adventures in the setting. It runs that fine line of describing the contents and tone without giving too much away. The review provides an honest assessment of what you’ll find inside The Greydeep Marches.

Many thanks to OSR News and Reviews.