Panzer Kids

Fight Exciting Tank Battles

on your Tabletop!

The engine of the tank is a weapon
just as the main-gun.”

General Heinz Guderian

Panzer Kids introduces wargaming newcomers to the miniature wargaming hobby through basic rules simulating World War II tank battles. The simplified approach is ideal for adults interested in learning about miniature wargames or introducing children to the hobby.

The free Panzer Kids Basic rules are only 16 pages and cover fundamental wargaming elements like movement, range, line of sight, cover, and casualties. You provide the miniatures, dice, and terrain to use. The rules outline how to set up the battlefield, deploy your tanks, move them to get the best shots on opponents while taking advantage of cover, and attack! The game offers suggestions on matching up opposing tanks from World War II, with cards describing game stats for several period Axis and Allied tanks. The PDF files includes basic rules, examples, tips, and tank stat cards. Two full-page extras include all eight tank cards on one sheet and a turn summary reference sheet.

Panzer Kids Deluxe includes the core basic rules plus a host of optional rules and other resources for a more engaging play experience:

Optional rules for wrecks, flanking shots, damage effects, close range combat, hull-down deployment, hull-mounted guns, anti-tank guns, elite units, road movement, mine fields, objective, and moving objectives.

Brief descriptions and game stats for numerous tanks, self-propelled guns, and anti-tank guns from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

Guidelines for determining stats for your own historical tanks.

Four historical scenarios: “Tetrarchs in the Forest,” “Vichy’s Last Charge,” “Rommel at Arras,” and “Hellcats at the Bulge.”

Praise for Panzer Kids Deluxe:

The author designed Panzer Kids to let grownups run tabletop miniatures battles featuring the most iconic armored vehicles of WW2 for their little gamers as young as 7. He succeeds, and at the same time, introduces new gamers to all the classic concepts of miniature wargaming, making Panzer Kids an effective gateway to the hobby.”
Douglas A.

If you want to move a few tanks around with your friends, and don't really want to spend half the game checking rule books, Panzer Kids Deluxe is for you.... Overall, a load of fun, and a bargain to boot!”
Steven P.

“My only complaint is that the title indicates that the game is somehow juvenile and just for kids. While the rules are simple (reminds me of Panzer Blitz for minis) it is a great game for adults with a lot of replay value. It is a very tight mechanic with endless playability and opportunity for much expansion down the line.”
Michael H.

Not complicated therefore not for those who want to count the rivets but if you want a fun game of tank warfare in the desert or on the West and East front, this is for you.”
Wargame Vault Customer

Good game for beginners.... The rules were simple enough that mini-me ran his own game the next day without assistance.”
Brian H.